Our theatrical design branch combines the study of scenic, costume, make up and special fx design; these areas are a huge aspect of the creative process and the final result. 

The study of scenic and costume design allows pupils to explore the design process from the basics of set drawing to the intricate details of costume design. Our teachers have extensive experience, co-ordinating classes with the aim of incorporating our set and costume design into our productions, showcasing our pupil's imagination and creativity, all whilst gaining the vital knowledge needed to pursue a career within the creative arts. 

Make up and special fx application is an art and when executed correctly compliments the show or project beautifully. With both theatre and studio lights being so bright, a high skill level is vital. These skills will be incorporated into our productions as with the scenic and costume design, exploring a range of different processes from the basics of make up application to very detailed special fx make up. 

At the heart of Re:ACT's ethos, in particular our design avenue, application of knowledge is paramount. Real life experiences and real life opportunities such as special fx for local tv and seasonal events such as Halloween or set and costume design for brand new musicals are central to the learning process. 


Makeup Artist