Aimee | 16

MT Student

"From joining Re:ACT, I have loved every moment of it. I love performing with Re:ACT as it’s such a warm and friendly environment. Re:ACT has given me so many incredible opportunities that have enabled me to fall in love with theatre. Re:ACT has helped my confidence grow as they continue to help me become a better performer."

Rachel | 16

Singing Student

"Being in Re:ACT has really helped me gain confidence and develop my skills in performing. It has helped me realise my love of performing and creating shows by giving me incredible opportunities. Everyone at Re:ACT is so kind and welcoming so it is an amazing environment to make friends and learn."

Ella | 13

Acting Student

"Re:ACT has given me so many opportunities - proud to say I’m a member of such a lovely community!

I had wanted to get involved in theatre for ages but I just didn’t know where to begin but everyone here is so amazing and I have met some friends for life! It is a great place for people to grow in confidence in their performing arts. The productions are so professional as well it’s truly incredible and inspiring!"



"My daughter has learned so much at Re:ACT. She has been encouraged and supported to challenge herself on stage. She has tried new skills and has had the opportunity to take part in some great performances, workshops and trips. Re:Act offers a lively and supportive environment for children to have fun, make new friends and develop and grow."

Rosie | 14

Dance Student

"Being in Re:ACT has really helped me to come out of my comfort zone and become more confident when performing. I have tried new things I would have never dreamed of before and I am so glad I joined when I did. The team and students have all been so welcoming throughout and have been really helpful when trying things I’m not confident in. Re:ACT is perfect for anyone interested in theatre."

Henry | 9

MT Student

"Re:ACT is amazing, it’s my favourite activity and I enjoy every minute I’m there. I like the mix of age groups and that we are always working towards a show. Everyone is super friendly and the teachers are really helpful. I also like watching and learning from the older performers. They are really talented and inspiring. I love it so much my sister is now joining with me. Thank you Re:ACT for so much fun."

Nyla | 7

MT Student

"Re:ACT has built up with my confidence in singing, dancing and acting. I've made lots of friends on the way. I enjoyed playing Oliver! I can't wait to do more."



"The team are extremely talented teachers. They are warm and encouraging and their high standards are evident in their consistently professional shows. My children love their lessons with Re:ACT. They've made great friends among their fellow students, all of whom have been welcoming and friendly and the rate at which they've grown, both in confidence and ability has been astonishing. I can't rate Re:ACT highly enough. We love them!"

Ethan | 8

MT Student

"My mum saw an advert for Re:ACT and asked me if I wanted to go so I thought I’d give it a try, I had no idea how much I would love it. I’m a much better singer and actor than before and I have so much fun at rehearsals. I’ve made lots of friends, all of the people are really friendly and have taught me so much. I love Re:ACT - I am so glad I joined. I’d recommend Re:ACT to all young people wanting to get into musical theatre.”