Ever listened to a piece of music that just fits the mood you’re in? Do you ever feel inspired, empowered, or emotional by a piece of music? Have you ever wondered how the composer has made you feel this way?


Our composition classes are designed to enable you to delve into the world of music head first, and have the confidence to create and to connect with the music you hear.


We will draw on your musical interests, and the musical traditions and ‘norms’ that we hear, to find your creative voice, and give you the tools to create those magical music moments that we instantly recognise and love.


Classes will include a mixture of musical analysis and practical composition exercises, and will draw on the following areas:


  • How instruments across different ensembles work, how they gel together, and where & when to use them

  • Drawing inspiration from a picture, a title, a mood, or a story

  • Digesting the language of music to enable us to create and express ourselves through a vast array of instruments and mediums

  • Learning about the characteristics of different styles, and how we can compose with the flavour of different musical genres

  • Exploring how and why music is so important, and how it can make us experience certain emotions


Composition students will have the opportunity to see arrangements, orchestrations and compositions in action through Re:ACT’s productions, and will be able to share thoughts and opportunities on current projects; students will even, with time be able to have their own music and arrangements played as part of our showcases and recording sessions.

Please note: in order to make the most of these classes, it is strongly advised that you understand the foundations of music theory and notation, and whilst not compulsory, some instrumental skills will be very useful.